LaTosha Bell – 15th Anniversary Party 15th anniversary party decorated by #AboveElegantAffairs #flawless After stressing over how I was going to decorate, I remembered my LNF fit fam had a member that specialized in this sort of thing! Thank you April for coming through on such short notice (~72hrs w/very little direction from me) and doing what you do!!!

unnamed-23Alikia N. Reaves -40th Birthday Party My surprise party was the absolute best. I walked into a party that was tailored all to my likes. The décor was flawless and was just above any of my expectations. The DJ kept us moving all night. April did a wonderful job in making a special day into an extravaganza. Above Elegant Affairs was the event planning company that put together my surprise 40th birthday party. The party was given in friend’s home also utilizing the backyard. My friend’s home and yard looked like a totally different place. Above Elegant Affairs made this space look like a luxury venue. Everything was done just right! They took care of all the planning…the color scheme for the decor, the caterer, the photographer and the DJ. They also acted in a hosting capacity making sure the guest were taken care of…wow! Even though this was a surprise party for me, I took notice of their professionalism and would recommend their services.

You will definitely have an “Above Elegant” experience!

Larriene Coleman– New Year’s Party 2014 April made my daughters into believers when she turned my basement into an elegant social lounge with a party atmosphere. The time she put into making this event enjoyable for my friends and family is was money well spent. She dots every I & crosses every T. She was very pleasant to work with and made sure my daughters had all their needs met for the party